Sébastien Cueff

Current Position: 
Chargé de Recherche C.N.R.S., L'Institut des Nanotechnologies de Lyon
Lab Position: 
Postdoctoral Researcher
Office Phone: 
+1 (401) 863-5185
Lab Phone: 
+1 (401) 863-1497
Brief Biography: 

Dr. Sébastien Cueff was our first Postdoctoral Research Associate. Prior to joining our group in 2011, Sébastien received his Master of Science degree from the National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA – France) in 2008. He then obtained his Ph.D degree from University of Caen (France). At Brown, Sébastien lead a collaborative research effort to integrate quantum emitters with active phase-change materials in order to realize high-speed nanophotonic devices, including all-optical directly-modulated light sources operating at telecom wavelengths.

Sébastien is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Institut des Nanotechnologies de Lyon in France.