Vaibhav Mathur

Current Position: 
Media Analyst, Ampush
Lab Position: 
Undergraduate Researcher
Office Phone: 
+1 (401) 863-5185
Lab Phone: 
+1 (401) 863-1497
Brief Biography: 

Vaibhav Mathur received his Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Physics from Brown University in May 2012. Vaibhav joined the lab during his sophomore year, and he was awarded two consectutive UTRA Fellowships in 2010 and 2011. During the summer of 2010, Vaibhav worked together with Jon Hills to help revise and restructure the ENGN0510 laboratory assignments. During the summer of 2011, Vaibhav worked on a collaborative project with Visarute (Earth) Pinrod to study the emission of electric and magnetic dipoles within high quality factor dielectric cavities. Together, they developed their own simulation tools combining a classical self-interference model for Purcell enhancements with a compact transfer matrix formalism. They also designed and fabricated their own multi-layer dielectric mirrors using reactive sputtering and electron-beam evaporation. Building on this work, Vaibhav wrote a senior honors thesis on Selective Enhancement of Electric and Magnetic Dipole Emission in an Optical Cavity.

After Brown,Vaibhav joined Ampush, a social technology company, as a media analyst.